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World Cup PhotoGallery

Australian captain Steve Waugh and vice captain Shane Warne hold the World Cup trophy during a parade through Sydney, 28 June 1999

The rest of the Australian team look on as Steve Waugh and Shane Warne proudly display the World Cup trophy, 28 June 1999

Darren Lehmann and Mark Waugh celebrate as they return to the pavilion, 20 June 1999

Heart-broken Pakistanis await their medals as members of Lords look on, 20 June

Standing on the balcony at Lords, Australian captain Steve Waugh proudly presents the World Cup, 20 June 1999

Aussie captain Steve Waugh lifts the World Cup Trophy, 20 June 1999

Man of the Match, Shane Warne, lifts up the cricket World Cup, 20 June 1999

Australia's cricket team with the World Cup, 1999

Celebrating Aussie fans hold up their inflatable kangaroos

The victorious Australian cricket team display their World Cup to the spectators and the press